Javascript Developer

Bij Codifly in Aalst


Javascript Developer

Bij Codifly in Aalst

€ 2000 - € 4000 bruto per maand

Wat kan je?

  • Frontend
  • Bachelor, Master denkniveau
  • Junior, Medior, Senior werkniveau
  • 0-2, 2-5, 5-10 jaar werkervaring
  • Nederlands, Engels sprekend

Wat krijg je?

  • Vast
  • € 2000 - € 4000 bruto per maand
  • Glijdende werkuren
  • Trainingen
  • Lease auto
  • Tankkaart
  • Mobiel
  • Laptop
  • 13e maand
  • Pensioen
  • Onkostenvergoeding
  • Hospitalisatieverzekering

Wat doe je?

  • Minimaal een 38-urige werkweek
  • Samenwerken met 10-20 collega's
  • Je werkt samen met IT
  • Focus op B2B
  • Je werkt voornamelijk voor Computersoftware

De vacature

Codifly is the place to be for enthusiastic and passionate people who want to develop the best complex digital solutions. And needless to say, at Codifly, we realize that it’s our employees that make the difference and we equally recognize that a competitive salary alone will not make happy people. We provide the best technical equipment, focus on quality, promote continuous learning and work hard on company culture.

Due to new opportunities, we are looking for a new talented back end developer; someone who is deep into building high performance systems that work; someone who loves a business logic puzzle for breakfast. As part of a small team in a startup environment, you help Codifly in achieving the next level.

Functie eisen

  • Master degree in computer science is preferred.
  • You have work experience with the well known Node.js libraries (Express.js/Koa, Socket.IO,...).
  • Practical experience with structured and NoSQL databases. You can build applications with at least one of the next database platforms: PostgreSQL, MongoDB, MySQL, Neo4J.
  • Good understanding of back end security (HTTPS, JWT, OpenSSL, CSRF, XSS, SQL Injection...). You are continuously aware of the OWASP Top 10 risks.
  • You know the basics (HTTP, REST, JSON, OAuth, Git,...). You have a thorough knowledge of the latest standards of JavaScript (ES6 and beyond).
  • Your development skills extend past coding. You are able to create modern, scalable web application architectures that work.


  • Notions of artificial intelligence (machine learning, deep learning, data mining, natural language processing) and/or blockchain technology.
  • Experience in front end development (React, Redux, MobX) or native development (React Native).
  • Working experience with CI, scripting (Bash), AWS, Docker/Kubernetes.
  • A background in functional programming is considered to be a plus.
  • You know how to use agile techniques and tools to iteratively develop and ship complex software products.

Jouw belangrijkste taken:


You identify with our core values.


As we are a startup, we need you to be flexible, creative and involved. And positive. Always.


You are self-employed, but you can also work in a team.


You are customer-oriented, focussed on realizing customer's wishes while respecting time management, but without loss of any quality.


You have the mentality to create fast and scalable software.

Over Codifly

  • 1 kantoor
  • 10-20 medewerkers
  • Platte structuur
  • Casual

Codifly is a web app agency located in Aalst. We help companies by building complex interactive web apps, mobile apps and websites. We embrace the web and IoT and strongly believe that the technological evolution in these fields has only just begun. By leveraging cutting edge technologies, we build hand-crafted applications with a strong visual identity and maximized user experience, tailored exactly to your business'? needs. As such, we want to improve the web and change the way we live, communicate, work and play.


  • Lokerenveldstraat 57
  • 9300 Aalst
  • België

Hulp nodig?

Paul Bruinsma staat altijd klaar om jou te helpen bij de zoektocht naar een nieuwe baan. Neem vrijblijvend contact op.

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